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竹筍 — 性涼,具清熱化痰、利二便功效,適合風熱感冒或肺熱咳嗽、痰多色黃者食用,亦適合發熱口渴、小便不利、習慣性便秘者食用。⚠️:痛風患者不宜食用。

蘆筍 — 性涼,具補虛,抗癌及減肥作用,適合體質虛弱、氣血不足、貧血、肥胖、習慣性便秘者食用。惟蘆筍含高嘌呤,痛風患者不宜食用。

萵筍 — 性涼,具通乳汁、消水腫功效,脾胃虛寒者不宜食用。

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Careful with bamboo shoots if you have Sensitive skin

Some people would frown when they come across bamboo shoots during meals because the elders had often warned us about how ‘toxic’ bamboo shoots are. What is the logic? From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, bamboo shoots are cool in nature, and they can clear heat and phlegm and promote urination and excretion. Individuals with heat-related symptoms or those with wind-heat flu and lung-heat cough can consume bamboo shoots to dispel heat and clear phlegm. Besides, bamboo shoots are high in fiber. Hence, it can aid constipation.

Please note that bamboo shoots are a type of wind stimulating food that can aggravate existing skin problems. Individuals with a sensitive skin and edema or those with hives should avoid consuming them. Perhaps, people developed the ‘bamboo shoots are toxic’ impression because the edible shoots could irritate the skin.

There are bamboo shoots harvested in spring and winter. Though they are harvested at different levels of maturity, they share the same nature and properties. On the other hand, asparagus and celtuce, which we often see in the market, are not bamboo shoots. Asparagus belongs to the liliaceae family, and it is cool in nature. It can replenish deficiencies in the body, lower cancer risk, and promote weight loss. Celtuce grows from the same plant as lettuce, and it comes from the genera of Lactuca. It is cool in nature and can promote lactation and relieve edema.

Bamboo shoots – cool in nature, can clear heat and relieve phlegm and is healthy for urine and bowel movement. Suitable for those with wind heat or cough with heat in lungs, yellowish phlegm, as well as those with heat and thirst, difficulty urinating, and chronic constipation. ⚠️It is not suitable for gout patients.

Asparagus – cool in nature, can replenish deficiencies in the body, lower cancer risk, and promote weight loss. Suitable for those in weak, with weak qi and blood, anemia, obsity, or those with chronic constipation. ⚠️However, asparagus is high in purines and should not be eaten by gout patients.

Celtuce – cool in nature, can promote lactation and relieve edema. Not suitable for those with asthenic cold spleen and stomach.

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