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1. 將材料洗淨,雪耳浸泡半天,剪掉底部黑色蒂的部分,剪碎備用;椰青切開倒出椰青水,椰肉刮出來,新鮮菠蘿切粒備用。
2. 除冰糖外材料放入鍋中,倒入椰青水,加水至蓋過所有材料,以武火煮滾後調文火煮30-40分鐘,最後加入適量冰糖調味煮至溶化即可。

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Six skin hydrating ingredients

The blazing sun can cause our skin to lose its moisture, damaging the collagen in our skin. This would cause our skin to become dry and tight. It would also cause our skin to peel and wrinkles to develop.

Is drinking water alone enough to hydrate the skin? According to the Chinese Medicine, the yin is the fluid of the body, so the lack of fluid in the body can dehydrate the skin. Besides drinking enough water, consuming an appropriate amount of ingredients that nourish the yin and moisten dryness can improve our skin condition. Replenishing the collagen in the body can also help lock the moisture in our skin.

For affordable options, we can opt for snow fungus, yellow fungus, and lily bulb. For more high-end options, there are maw, bird’s nest, and beef bone. Individuals with dry skin can consume these ingredients once or twice a week. At the same time, it is important to focus on strengthening the spleen and stomach because we need to rely on these two organs to promote the circulation of fluid so that the body could absorb fluid more effectively. If our stomach and spleen are not functioning well, yet we still nourish the yin continuously, the fluid would only stagnate in our body, causing dampness-related symptoms like fatigue, lethargy, and edema to develop.

Young coconut and pineapple with snow fungus sweet soup
Ingredients: 1 young coconut, 3 slices fresh pineapple, 1 snow fungus, 15g lily bulbs, rock sugar to taste
1. Rinse all ingredients. Soak snow fungus in water for half a day, cut off black bottom and cut into small pieces. Open the young coconut and pour out the coconut water. Scoop out the coconut flesh. Dice the pineapple.
2. Put all ingredients except rock sugar into the pot. Add the coconut water. Then add enough water to cover all the ingredients. Cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 30-40 minutes. Add rock sugar to taste.

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