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由於脾主運化,胃主吸收,當脾胃功能不正常,不能正常運化水濕,亦不能吸收食物中的養分,便會出現「吃甚麼痾甚麼」的便溏,甚至大便中看到食物殘渣等症狀。多見飯後立即想排便,這種如腹瀉的狀況並非一定因食物不潔,其實是本身脾胃虛弱, 不能完全消化吸收。身邊有沒有這類型的朋友?每次吃自助餐又或打邊爐期間都會突然失蹤,原來是上廁所,很多時更是「肚痾」,然後他們又沒有不適,又似是若無其事地回來再吃過,下次再見到這種症狀,就要叫他們好好保養脾胃了!



Loose stool is not necessarily diarrhea 
Have you ever had symptoms similar to diarrhea but without abdominal cramps, yet passing very soft or watery stool? This symptom is a case of loose stool, which means soft stool that does not form shape, and often compared to diarrhea. Diarrhea usually involves multiple times of passing loose stool. Whereas having just loose stool might not affect the frequency of passing stool and would not have other discomforts similar to diarrhea. A lot of reasons might lead to loose stool, and the most common one is spleen deficiency.

The spleen transports and digests nutrients, and the stomach is responsible for holding in food. When the spleen and stomach are not functioning well, the ability to transfer fluid and absorb nutrients from the food will be affected, and you literally start passing whatever you ate in the form of loose stool or passing stool with undigested food. Often times, if you have the urge to pass stool right after a meal, the cause might not be due to bad food hygiene but because of a weak digestive system. Do you have friends that would disappear for a while every time after a buffet or hotpot because they needed to use the bathroom? They would not experience any other discomforts and could start eating again as if nothing has happened. Next time you encounter similar incidents do remind them to take care of their spleen and stomach! 

State of stool: very soft with undigested food 
Symptoms: accompanied by abdominal bloating, fatigue, fine layer of white tongue coating.
—》strengthen spleen and nourish stomach, eat more food that can strengthen spleen and dispel dampness such as rice beans, purple haricot, hyacinth beans, Chinese yam and coix seed.

You could also try below simple tea remedy.
Two beans tea to dispel dampness
Ingredients: 20g rice beans, 20g purple haricot, 15g hyacinth bean coat
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all ingredients with 800ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

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