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How to handle fall dryness with children?
Children’s lungs are not fully developed so during change of seasons especially from summer to fall, they’re more prone to respiratory discomfort, morning runny nose with blood streaks, nosebleeds, lumpy stool and even constipation. In addition, children’s skin is extra soft and therefore prone to allergy symptoms such as itchiness, redness, eczema and rashes. Parents need to remember to apply moisturizers with no additives, and use simple foods to relieve dryness, examples are pears, snow fungus, lily bulbs, honey, almonds, figs. (Note: honey is not suitable for infants under one). In addition, use humidifiers at home to keep an optimal humidity.
Fall Dryness Food for Children:
Snow fungus congee with lily bulb and fig
Ingredients: Half a piece of snow fungus, 50g fresh lily bulbs, ¼ cup of white rice, 2 figs
Preparation method: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Remove the top and bottom from lily bulbs. Soak snow fungus in water for half a day until soften, then cut off black bit from bottom. Peel figs and cut into small pieces. Cook rice, fig and snow fungus together to be congee texture and add in lily bulbs in the last 3 minutes.
Effects: replenishes the lungs and relieves dryness. Suitable during autumn to relieve dryness related symptoms.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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