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Keep the peel on ginger to relieve edema
I want to add some ginger to my soup to dispel cold. Some people say you have to remove the peel to achieve that, is it true?
CheckCheckCin: Ginger can be separated into tender ginger, raw ginger, aged ginger and ginger mother. Raw ginger is usually used in soups to warm the stomach and relieve nausea, promote perspiration and dispel cold. Ginger peel can promote perspiration and relieve bloating, so it is suitable for those with edema. Keeping the peel on ginger in soup does not affect the healing effect of dispelling cold. For those with edema, it would be beneficial to keep the peel.
When adding ginger to soup, you can thinly slice the ginger. Some people like to put a piece in by just smashing it with back of the knife which is also ok. We suggest adding in more ginger slices when making vegetable soups to reduce the cool nature of vegetables. You should also add ginger to fish soup to relieve toxins in seafood.
Although ginger has lots of benefits, note that those with hot body types and those with yin deficiency should avoid as it further adds to the fire in body.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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