December 17, 2018

【我要做Party Queen】面色好即是身體好



白面書生 — 面色偏白,白色對應肺,雖說「一白遮三醜」,但面色發白多代表著肺氣弱,亦是氣血虛弱的表現。

黃面婆 — 面色偏黃,黃色對應脾,可以是脾氣虛弱的徵狀,所以「黃臉婆」不是女人的專利,男士脾胃虛弱也會有面色發黃的情況。

關公面 — 面色偏紅,紅色對應心,虛火實火也有影響,如陰虛體質、肝火旺的症狀。

攝青鬼 — 面色偏青,青色對應肝,多因為寒凝氣滯、脈絡受阻以致氣血運行不暢的表現。

黑面神 — 面色偏黑,黑色對應腎,腎陽不足的表現,亦可能因為經常熬夜所致。

Complexion decoded
As the year comes to an end, there are lots of Christmas parties and annual dinners to attend. Aside from perfecting your make up skills, it is important to note your natural complexion. Those with healthy complexion and moist healthy skin can look great with simple make up. If you find that you are pale, yellowish, red, greenish or dark, what can you do? Chinese medicine says that different complexions can correspond to different organ issues and you can eat similar coloured food to condition your health.
Pale- white corresponds with lungs so pale complexion could mean weak lung qi. This means that you have asthenic qi and blood.
Solution: Nourish your lungs, have rice water daily. Appropriately consume Chinese yam, snow fungus, and lily bulbs.
Yellow- yellow corresponds with spleen, and it is a sign of asthenic spleen qi. This happens to male and female as asthenic spleen and stomach can lead to yellowish complexion.
Solution: Nourish the spleen, have rice water daily. Appropriately consume millet, potatoes, corn, and pumpkin.
Red- red corresponds with the heart. Asthenic fire or excess heat can affect this as well. This can happen to those with yin deficiency, and those with excessive liver heat.
Solution: Nourish yin with ingredients such as American ginseng, polygonatum odoratum, and radix adenophorae. To clear liver heat you can have prunella vulgaris and Canton Abrus.
Green- green corresponds with the liver. Usually related to cold stagnated qi, or obstructed meridians leading to poor blood and qi circulation.
Solution: Destress and have ingredients that can help with qi circulation and elevate your moods such as white radish, rose, fingered citron, lotus root. Keep a balanced mental state and avoid late nights.
Black- black relates to the kidneys and is a sign of insufficient kidney yang. This can also be caused by frequent late nights.
Solution: have dusk rice water daily, appropriately consume black soya beans, black sesame, black dates and black fungus.

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