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減淡黑眼圈茶療 – 山楂赤芍茶

Battle your dark circles with internal conditioning
My dark circles are quite bad and I have to apply quite a thick layer of concealer to cover them. I use eye cream regularly and it doesn’t seem to help.

CheckCheckCin: to fight dark circles, it is important to understand how they are formed. Some people are born with darker pigments around the eyes, others have poor blood circulation around the eyes due to nasal allergies. Many have poor lifestyles with late nights that damage yin, liver and kidneys leading to insufficient liver blood. Liver affects vision and poor blood circulation leads to bruising due to stagnation under the eyes which are the dark circles. This is why eye cream cannot fix the problem. It is important to condition your body internally: avoid late nights, avoid cold and raw food, appropriately consume ingredients that promote blood circulation such as Chinese hawthorn, black fungus, beetroot, and rose. Emotional issues can also affect qi and blood circulation so it is important to keep a healthy mental state.

Healing to lighten dark circles- Chinese hawthorn tea with red peony root

Effects: promotes blood circulation to relieve bruising, alleviates dark circles, dark complexion and lips, pimple scars.
Ingredients: 10g Chinese hawthorn, 6g red peony root
Preparation: rinse ingredients and place into thermos. Rinse with hot water and steep with hot water for 15-20 minutes.
Note: this tea can be re-brewed until flavour weakens. For best results, drink for 2-3 days for a week. Continue for 2 weeks as one treatment course. Not suitable for ladies who are pregnant or menstruating. This tea is relatively sour so we suggest drinking after meal and it is not suitable for those with acid reflux.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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