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Trick or treat? 「不給糖果就搗蛋!」是萬聖節的玩意,小朋友逐家逐戶向大人討糖果,小朋友就最開心,但大人要幫助控制小朋友進食糖果的份量,因為多吃甜食會有蛀牙風險,亦容易造成肥胖,而從中醫角度來看,糖果性質黏膩,多吃糖果容易生痰生濕,妨礙脾胃的消化功能,痰濕、濕熱體質人士尤其不宜食用。中醫理論中有「甘入脾」的說法,甘味包括甜味,但「此甜不同彼甜」,優質的糖份例如蜜糖、紅糖才對身體有益,而糖果多用人工果糖製造,同時加入不少色素、化學添加劑,對小朋友發育、情緒都有不良影響。朱古力是可可豆經過烤烘加工而成,屬性溫熱,身體偏寒人士可適量食用,而身體偏熱人士多吃則會容易上火,出現偏熱症狀,加上製作朱古力一般會加入牛奶及糖,性質黏膩,容易惹起痰濕,濕熱人士更不宜食用。

糖果 — 性質黏膩,容易生痰生濕,妨礙脾胃的消化功能,痰濕濕熱體質人士、有皮膚敏感、暗瘡、濕疹、咳嗽多痰等都不宜食用。

朱古力 — 性溫熱,朱古力一般會加入牛奶及糖製造,容易惹起痰濕,脾虛濕熱、濕疹及皮膚病患者不宜食用。

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Halloween candy fest? Notes for eating candies and chocolates
Trick or treat is part of the Halloween tradition. Children are the happiest when they travel from house to house asking for candies from adults. It is the adults’ responsibility to control the children’s intake of candies, as these sweet delicacies might cause tooth decay and weight gain.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, candies are sticky in nature and can cause phlegm, which will disrupt the digestive function of the spleen and stomach when consumed excessively. Individuals with the damp-phlegm and damp-heat body conditions should avoid eating candies.

According to Chinese Medicine theories, ‘sweet enters the spleen’, but there are different types of sweetness. The good ones are honey and brown sugar, which are good for health; processed candies are chemically flavoured, which might stunt the children’s growth and emotional development. Chocolate is made from cocoa bean, and is warm in nature. Individuals with the cold body condition can consume an appropriate amount of it. As for those with the heat related body condition, eating chocolate might further accumulate more heat in the body. Moreover, chocolate are often processed with milk and sugar, which increase its stickiness. This can cause the damp-phlegm condition to develop, making it more unsuitable for individuals with the damp-heat condition to consume.

Candies – sticky texture, can produce phlegm and dampness in the body, thus disrupting the digestive function of the spleen and stomach. Individuals with the heat related and phlegm-damp body conditions, as well as those who cough and produce phlegm, with sensitive skin, and acne and eczema problems, should avoid eating them.

Chocolate – warm in nature; normally contains sugar and milk, can cause the damp-phlegm condition to develop. Individuals experiencing deficiency of the spleen and are with the damp-heat condition, eczema and other skin problems should not consume it.

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