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1. 屈膝而坐,臀部坐在腳跟中間,膝部拼攏,大拇趾互碰,雙手放在膝蓋上,背脊伸直,全身放鬆。
2. 吸氣,雙手高舉過頭,然後呼氣,上半身向前彎,額頭貼地,上半身與大腿貼緊,手臂打開與肩同寬,感受腹部的吸吐起伏,維持約30秒,反向進行前面的動作回到最初位置,之後伸直雙腳輕輕搖動以放鬆。



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Exercise to relieve constipation
Constipation can be caused by many things such as irregular diet time, poor eating habits, stress, sitting too much, and lack of exercise. Constipation is not only a gastrointestinal problem, but it can also cause abdominal bloating, poor skin, and decreased sleep quality. If you are determined to solve the problem of constipation, in addition to starting from improving your diet, you can also do exercises and press acupoints to stimulate the intestines. When you wake up, take a few minutes to do an easy yoga exercise – child’s pose, which helps to stimulate abdominal muscles and intestines, aid digestion and absorption. Pressing the Tianshu Point, which is in the center of the abdomen, can help promote the blood flow of the large intestine meridian and relieve the symptoms of constipation.

Child’s pose
1. Sit with your knees bent and calves below your thigh, your hips sitting between your heels. Keep your knees together, put your big toes together, put your hands on your knees, straighten your back, and relax your body.
2. Inhale. Raise your hands over your head, and then exhale. Bend the upper body forward. The forehead should be the ground, the upper body close to the thigh, arm is opened as wide as the shoulder, and feel the inhale and exhale of the abdomen for about 30 seconds. Reverse the original position by performing the previous movements, then straighten your feet and move them side to side to relax.
Note: Those with severe back pain, knee injury, dizziness, and acid reflux should not do this exercise.

Tianshu Point (Celestial Pivot)
Location: Center of the abdomen, two inches (3 finger-breadths) from the belly button. Use both thumbs or bottom of your palms and press for 50 times.
Effects: Regulates the intestines to improve qi and blood circulation. Relieves abdominal bloating and constipation.

✔Recommendation: Oats rice water 
Effects: Improves excessive sweating, reduces water retention and relieves constipation

✔ Recommendation: Dragon fruit rose tea
Ingredients: water, dragon fruit juice, rock sugar, honey, rose, lemon juice concentrate, oolong tea
Effects: loosens bowel to relieve constipation, relieves stress, aids digestion and burns fat. Suitable for those with difficult passing stool, stress, frequent sigh and dull complexion.
Note: not suitable for menstruating women, but can have this tea before period. Not suitable for pregnant women.
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