April 27, 2018




材料: 布袋(以長方形為佳,又或是可以頸枕套代替)、白米(按布袋大小,裝3/4滿)、有機薰衣草油及少量薰衣草乾

Warming Rice Bag to Improve Sleep

Everyone knows lavender can induce relaxation and help with sleep. From Chinese medicine perspective, lavender can clear heat, remove toxins, and dispel wind. It can also treating headaches and dizziness, and that’s why it can help to improve sleep quality. This Saturday we will teach you how it make a rice and lavender spice bag. It smells great and can help you relax. When you use it to warm compress back of your neck, it can open up multiple acupuncture points to relieve neck pain, fatigue and headaches. Use it before sleep for a better night of rest!

Ingredients: cloth bag (rectangular shape is more ideal or use your neck pillow case) , white rice (enough to fill 3/4 of your bag), organic lavender oil or some dried lavender
Preparation: add 5 drops of lavender or the dried lavender into rice and mix well. Put everything in the bag and sew it or tie it shut.
Usage: for warm compression, put it into the oven for 10-15 minutes or in the microwave for 2 minutes. When warm put it on the back of your neck or other areas of soreness to relieve pain.

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