January 9, 2019



/ 假期後症候群 病徵四:容易發怒 /


玫瑰花 — 性溫,疏肝解鬱、和血散瘀
茉莉花 — 性溫,理氣解鬱
桂花 — 性溫,安心寧神、暖胃止痛
菊花 — 性涼,清肝退火、明目、保健眼睛
薄荷 — 性涼,疏散風熱、清利頭目

Relieve post holiday blues with floral tea
After the holidays and spending your cash, it is difficult to head back to work with a positive look. After being lazy for a while, getting back to the rhythm of work can be challenging. It can easily lead to depression and impatience. Working people also have a habit of drinking coffee and milk tea. These drinks can increase heat in the body adding to the irritability. Try switching to floral tea as it helps to relieve stress as well. Different florals have different healing affects so choose the right one for your body type.
Rose- warm in nature, can relieve stress and bruising
Jasmine- warm in nature, regulate qi and improve mood
Sweet Osmanthus- warm in nature, calms the mind and heart, warm the stomach and relieves pain
Chrysanthemum- cool in nature, clears the liver and heat, improves vision
Mint- cool in nature, dispel heat and wind, improves vision and dizziness

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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