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葡萄 ?— 性平,有補氣血、健胃生津的作用,適合因氣血不足而出現的過度疲勞、筋骨疼痛人士食用。

柚子 — 性寒,有清熱消滯、下氣化痰、消食醒酒的作用,適合消化不良、胃脹、噯氣人士、宿醉未解人士食用。氣虛體弱、脾虛便溏者不宜多食。

楊桃 — 性寒,有清熱生津、止咳、利小便、解酒的功效,適合因為煙酒過多、經常熬夜而出現的肺熱咳嗽、黃痰。

柿子 — 性寒,有清熱潤肺、生津止渴的功效,適合痔瘡出血、大便乾結人士食用。但由於性寒,脾胃虛寒、腹瀉便溏者勿吃。

梨 ?— 性寒,有生津潤燥、清熱止咳化痰的功效,適合口乾、喉嚨痛、便秘、暗瘡等偏熱症狀人士食用。體質偏寒、脾胃虛弱不宜多吃。

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Fruits of Mid-Autumn Festival
Out of the many festivals, Mid-Autumn is one that has many fruits harvested during the season. Do you know which fruits are suitable for your body condition? Most fruits during mid-autumn are cool in nature, like pomelo, starfruit, persimmon and pear; individuals with the cool body condition, or those with aversion to cold should avoid eating.

Individuals with constipation problem can consume an appropriate amount of persimmon and pear, as they can relieve constipation and prevent dry stools. Those experiencing gastric stasis can eat an appropriate amount of pomelo, as it can aid digestion and relieve a hangover; whereas grapes, which are mild in nature, are suitable for the whole family, as it can reduce water retention.

Grape – mild in nature; can nourish the qi and the blood, strengthen the stomach and induce saliva secretion; suitable for individuals who experience fatigue and pain on the joints and bones due to the lack of qi and blood.

Pomelo – cold in nature; can clear heat and relieve stagnation, clear the qi and phlegm, aid digestion and help drunk individuals to sober up. It is suitable for people with digestion, bloating and belching problems, as well as those with a hangover. Individuals with a weak body, deficiency issue with the spleen and loose stools should not consume excessively.

Starfruit – cold in nature; can clear heat and induce saliva secretion, induce diuresis, relieve a cough and a hangover; suitable to relieve heaty lungs and coughs as well as the secretion of yellow phlegm that normally happen to frequent smokers and night owls.

Persimmon – cold in nature; can clear heat and moisten the lungs, induce saliva secretion and quench one’s thirst; suitable for individuals with bleeding hemorrhoids and dry stools. However, since it is cold in nature, people with a weak and cold spleen and stomach, as well as those with diarrhea and loose stools problems should avoid eating.

Pear – cold in nature; can induce saliva secretion, moisten the body, clear heat and phlegm; is suitable for individuals with heat-related symptoms such as dry mouth, sore throat, constipation and acne. Those with a cold body condition as well as those with a weak spleen and stomach should not overeat.

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