August 17, 2017



蜜棗 vs 無花果


蜜棗﹣ 蜜棗由青棗切割多次後以白糖煮過再曬乾而成。性平,能生津潤燥。適合各種體質。


Candied dates vs figs
If you want your soup to be fresher and tastier, a lot of people will choose to add a couple candied dates, but some people also say that figs are more moist and healthier, so which one is better? The reality is both can help to improve the taste of soups. If you want to have less sugar added, then you can use dried figs which hasn’t been processed and the sweetness is lower.
Candied dates- they are made by make multiple cuts Chinese green dates and cooking with white sugar, then drying off. They are mild in nature, helps to promote fluid production and relieve dryness. Suitable for all body types.
Figs- mild in nature, helps to moisten bowels to relieve constipation, aids in lactation. It is especially effective in treating constipation in elderlies, pregnant women and young children. Dried figs is made by drying raw figs and it is suitable to use in making soups. When it is made into a candied fruit, then it will have a layer of sugar on the surface as well.

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