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CheckCheckCin: 人體的組織非常奇妙,更有自我修復能力,懷孕時子宮能擴展到原本的500倍大,生產後會漸漸恢復原來大小一樣,中醫認為婦女生產後一個月是調理的黃金時期,所以才有坐月的傳統,讓媽媽恢復體力,內臟骨骼回復到生產前的狀態。



It seems like traditional belly wraps are becoming a popular way to slim down after pregnancy. Does it work?

CheckCheckCin: the human body is quite amazing with self healing capability. The uterus can expand to 500 times the original size during pregnancy, but it can shrink back to original size over time. Chinese medicine believes the first month after pregnancy is a golden period for recovery, hence the tradition of confinement month.

Using strong belly binds can prevent blood circulation which may affect recovery. The typical back support band is very sufficient for post recovery. It is important to reconditon the body through diet to nourish the spleen and stomach and by exercising appropriately. The body needs time to recover so don’t rush!

Slim down by massaging your acupoint
Effects: improve qi and blood circulation to remove toxins and aid fat break down and improve appearance of abdominal line.
Location: Dai Mai point- start from the belly button and go towards the waist where it crosses the midline from armpits.
Method: close your four fingers together and hold on to your waist line. Use your finger strength to massage the point 200 times.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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