August 1, 2018

【星期四食材 - 核桃】



核桃 - 又名合桃、胡桃,性溫,有補腎固精、益氣養血、潤腸通便的功效,很適合產後婦女食用,核桃含有豐富營養元素如優質蛋白及油脂,當中的油脂可以滋潤肌膚及腸胃,促進腸胃消化預防便秘。核桃益氣養血的功效,亦能預防產後脫髮的問題。

Walnuts can moisturize your skin and moisten your bowels
If you experience constipation or hair loss after delivery, try having walnuts, black sesame and black beans.

Walnuts- warm in nature, can replenish the kidneys, strengthen qi and nourish blood, and moisten the bowels to relieve constipation. It is very suitable for postpartum women. Walnuts are very nutritious with high levels of protein and lipids. The lipids can also moisten your skin and bowels, improve digestion to relieve constipation. Walnuts can strengthen qi and replenish blood as well as prevent postpartum hair loss issues.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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