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Quick Lunch如何養生?
很多人因為工作忙碌,或者爭取時間休息,午餐都但求果腹求其吃,你最常吃的速食午餐是甚麼?如果常吃沙律等生冷食物,長久下來就會損傷脾胃, 出現無胃口、腹脹、經常容易疲倦等脾胃虛弱的問題也是由此而來。來看看從中醫角度點評常見的速食午餐,從中挑選比較健康的選擇吧。

茶餐廳常餐 — 熱食的常餐比生冷食物暖胃,但火腿、午餐肉等醃製食物不宜多吃。奶茶、咖啡如果有奶,都會比較滋膩,會加重濕熱症狀,改喝檸茶/檸水比較好。

沙律 — 未經煮熟的沙律菜屬生冷食物,經常進食生冷,會損傷脾胃,選擇暖沙律比較好。

三文治/漢堡包 — 放在雪櫃的三文治屬生冷食物,放到室溫才吃更好;漢堡包多肉多醬汁,算是重口味食物,多吃會加重脾胃負擔。

墨西哥卷 — 室溫享用不算是生冷食物,而且食材營養比較均衡。

飯糰 — 米飯可養脾氣是健康之選,宜用微波爐翻熱至微暖享用。

杯麵 — 雖然是熱食但脂肪、熱量和鈉質含量都偏高,屬肥甘厚味食物,不宜多吃,放在櫃內以備不時之需好了。

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How can you have healthy quick lunches?
A list of quick lunch options

People with a hectic lifestyle prefer resting to spending time on lunch. Hence, they would opt for a quick lunch. What would be your choice? Constantly eating raw and cold food such as salad can hurt the spleen and stomach, which can lead to appetite loss, abdominal bloating, and fatigue. These problems are associated with weakness in the spleen and stomach.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, how healthy are these quick lunch options? The explanations below can help you choose healthier meals.

Set meals in cha chaan teng – Warm food generally can warm the stomach more than raw and cold food can, but it is best to avoid cured meat such as ham and luncheon meat. Milk tea or coffee that comes with milk are often thick and greasy, and they can worsen damp heat symptoms in the body. Consider drinking lemon tea / water instead.

Salad – Uncooked vegetables in salads are raw and cold food. Eating it regularly can hurt the spleen and stomach. Warm salad would be a better choice.

Sandwich/hamburger – Sandwiches stored in the refrigerator are a type of raw and cold foods. Do consume them at room temperature; hamburgers are rich in meat and sauce, hence they are heavily flavored food. Excessive consumption of hamburgers can increase burden to the spleen and stomach.

Taco – As long as we eat taco at room temperature, then it is not a raw and cold food. The nutrients in its ingredients make taco a more balanced diet.

Onigiri – Rice nourishes the spleen and qi, hence it is a healthy choice. Before eating, it is good to warm it up in the microwave oven.

Cup noodles – Though it is warm, cup noodles are high in fat, calories, and sodium. It is also a type of fat and sweet foods. We can store it for emergency but should not consume it regularly.

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