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1. 把嘴巴盡量張開,有如英文字O型,注意額頭不要用力呈皺紋。
2. 眼珠向上望,維持5秒鐘,放鬆。
3. 重覆以上動作四次。


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Making funny faces to improve eye bags
Our eyes can easily expose our age. With fatigue, stress, late night sleep or poor sleep quality, our eye bags and dark circles would appear, causing us to look haggard and older than our actual age!

We can try some yoga exercises to tighten the muscles on our face.

Exercise to improve eye bags
1. Open the mouth as wide as possible to an ‘O’ shape; be careful not to form wrinkles on your forehead.
2. Roll your eyeballs upwards for 5 seconds, and then relax.
3. Repeat the steps above for 4 times.

From the perspective of Chinese Medicine, ‘the essence and qi of the five viscera and six bowels rise and gather on the eyes, whereby the essence also contributes to the formation of the eyes’. Therefore, the eyes would reflect the conditions of our health.

Individuals with eye bags and dark eye circles normally have a weak spleen and kidney. Besides regulating the body by adjusting their diet, they can also massage the  acupoints around the eyes, such as Jing Ming, Zan Zhu, Yu Yao, Si Zhu Kong, Tong Zi Liao, Chen Qi and Four Whites.

Massage these simple acupoints for 5 seconds every day, as it can help strengthen the Meridians along the spleen and kidney, promote the blood circulation of the eyes, hence reducing dark eye circles and tightening the eye bags.

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