May 9, 2020



向當黃面婆Say No

1. 經常入廚,長期面對油煙。
2. 家務繁重,沒有時間打理自己。
3. 生小朋友後都沒有好好睡過一覺。
4. 錢全花在小朋友身上,自己的保養打扮慳得就慳。
5. 以上皆是


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Say no to yellowish complexion
“Yellow-faced housewife” is a cantonese term that is used to describe a woman who no longer dresses up after marriage. They tend to have a yellowish complexion and are typically out of shape and fatigued. What typically leads to this? 

1. Cooking often which requires facing the fumes for a long time.
2. Heavy housework and not making time to take care of herself.
3. Do not sleep well after giving birth.
4. Spend all the money on her children but dress herself with a limited budget.
5. All of the above

Which one is your answer? No matter how busy you might be, please do not give up on yourself! Maintaining a balanced life is important. Dressing up a little may elevator your mood, and more importantly, you should pay attention to your health. Try not to dedicate all of your time and energy to the child and neglect your own health. If you have weak spleen qi, it will lead to yellowish complexion. In fact, drinking a cup of rice water every day is a simple way to strengthen the spleen and stomach. Healthy spleen and stomach can promote fluid circulation. The problems of yellowish complexion, heavy head, fatigue, poor appetite, edema and other symptoms will be resolved.

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