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.睡不夠 vs 睡太多

.喝咖啡 vs 不喝咖啡





Causes of headache
Headache is not a disease, but can be quite irritating to have. If your headache is happening due to pathological causes, it can be resolved by treating the disease or conditioning the body. However, many people’s headaches are caused by lifestyle habits, which are related to diet, weather, and stress. If you do not want to take painkillers regularly, you should pay more attention to your lifestyle habits to reduce the chance of headaches occurring.

.Lack of sleep vs sleeping too much
Lack of sleep can cause a headache. You might try to wake up naturally on weekends, and end up waking up with a headache. Headaches can also occur when you go between being stressed and relaxed too abruptly. You should sleep regularly. Be sure to de-stress and condition the body.

.Drink coffee vs avoid coffee
Many of you have the habit of drinking coffee to boost your mind at work. When you do not drink coffee on the weekends, you may experience headaches and fatigue. You might be addicted to caffeine. It is time to check your dependence on caffeine. Let’s cut down on caffeine by adjusting the strength of the coffee. Drink American ginseng tea or floral tea to give your mind a boost.

.Tight schedule
Your working schedule is tight enough, and you have to rush to pick up children and prepare dinner after work. If you are delayed, all your plans will be disrupted. When all the important things are done, you might relax and then the headache comes. The tense mood and busy life schedule take up a lot of mental energy. You must find ways to reduce stress.

.Unpredictable weather
Those who are particularly sensitive to weather changes may experience headaches during seasonal changes, unpredictable weather on top of going in and out of air-conditioned indoor environments. So keep a coat and a scarf in your handbag to avoid the headache caused by cold-wind.

.Always eating out
Those who often eat out, order takeaways, or like to eat snacks may be exposed to MSG. People who are sensitive to MSG are prone to discomfort such as headache, rapid heartbeat, paralysis, etc. If the symptoms are mild, they can improve with coke. Seek medical attention if it is serious.

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