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Emotional detox is healthy for you

A lot of people are always trying to detox their bodies but have you considered you also need emotional detox? Hong Kong people work long hours with high stress and a lot of negativity may build up over time and affect health. Try some emotional detoxification before 2018 is over!

Arrange some me time
Make some time for yourself after work and family and take a deep breath. Think about the wonderful things you have instead of what you don’t have, and listen to music you enjoy or watch a comedy.

Take it out on the pillow
Get a soft pillow and send all your negative emotions that way by hitting it as hard as you want to! Or have a pillow fight that can help you destress without causing any significant damage.

Sweat it out with a run
Running is a healthy way to condition your mood. For those who do not have a habit of running, find the pace that’s right for you and focus on your breathing. The negative energy can flow out with your sweat.

Sing out loud
Even if you’re not a great singer, try to destress by singing. Aside from doing this at karaoke, try having a mini concert in the shower and sing your heart out.

Reduce the amount of time you spend on social media and make time to find your friend. Social media usually only shows the positive sides of someone’s life. The truth is everyone may experience difficult times so when you have time, put down the phone and go out to have a chat with your friend.

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