December 27, 2021

– 冬天宜早睡晚起,起床後做運動有助增加陽氣
– 穿得暖和一點,注意頸、背保暖
– 適量食用補腎食物,例如核桃、栗子、黑豆、桂圓等
– 睡前泡足浴
– 忌吃生冷冰涼食物
– 忌吃辛辣煎炸食物
– 避免劇烈運動,做運動以微微出汗為佳
– 避免頻密蒸桑拿
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Conserve yang during winter
We are often told to take good care of the yin energy in autumn and winter, since the world of nature is preserving its essence of yin during these seasons as well.
Nevertheless, we should not neglect the care of the yang energy, as the change of season would cause the yang energy to go dormant, lowering the metabolism of the body. Since we are also using the yang energy to warm the body, we will need to take even better care to nourish and protect it.
The lack of yang energy will cause individuals to develop symptoms like fear of cold and lethargic, and yang-deficient kidneys will also weaken the waist and knees and cause excessive urination at night.
A yang-deficient spleen, on the other hand, can cause edema and diarrhea, whereas a yang-deficient heart causes palpitation, and individuals with this condition would develop a pale face and experience cold sweats.
By paying attention to our lifestyle, we can protect the yang energy more effectively.
Tips to conserve yang:
– sleep early and wake up late during winter; exercise in the morning to boost yang
– wear clothes that can keep the body, especially the neck and back, warm.
– consume an appropriate amount of food that can replenish the kidneys. For example, walnut, chestnut, black bean, and longan
– take a foodbath before sleep
– avoid eating raw and cold food
– avoid eating hot, spicy, and deep-fried food
– avoid strenuous exercises; perform exercises that are just enough to induce sweating
– avoid using the sauna regularly
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