December 28, 2021


– 選擇朝早或傍晚時段,避免中午陽光猛烈時間
– 「腹為陰、背為陽」曬背能增加陽氣
– 每次20分鐘至半小時為宜
– 可適量塗抹防曬霜
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Sunbathing helps nourish yang
We all dislike the scorching sun in summer but appreciate it more during winter. Chinese Medicine theories believe that being out in the sun is one of many ways to nourish your health.
It is especially helpful for individuals with a weak body, pale face, cold limbs, indigestion problems as well as those who sweat easily, feel lethargic, experience edema, urinate frequently, and have loose stools.
Sunbathing is also beneficial for people who are afraid of the wind and those who work in an air-conditioned environment, as it can warm the body and improve the circulation of the qi and the blood.
– spend your early mornings and evenings in the sun; avoid noon time when the exposure is intense
– ‘Yin on the tummy, and yang on the back’, hence exposing our back to the sunlight can nourish the yang energy
– sunbathe for 20-30 minutes
– apply sunscreen to protect your skin
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