August 8, 2017




Ladies wellness starts with small lifestyle improvements
The uterus is a special organ as it enables ladies’ ability to give birth, and its condition greatly affects a lady’s youthfulness and health. Aside from appropriately conditioning the body based on body type, ladies should also make dietary and lifestyle improvements to ensure wellness.
✔Keep your lower abdomen warm and avoid open belly clothing
✔During menstruation, frequently change your napkin or tampon, those who use menstrual cup should pay additional attention to hygiene
✔Wear breathable cotton underwear
✔Frequently do kegel exercises to strengthen muscles supporting the uterus
✔Avoid pants that are too tight
✔Have an appropriate level of sexual activity
✔Avoid sexual activities during menstruation
✔Avoid cold, raw and cold-natured foods
✔Press on Ming Men Acupoint daily for 1-2 minutes
*Ming Men Acupoint- located in the lower back, directly across from the belly button. This point is the basis of a person’s vitality. It helps to strengthen vital essence and improves body condition and immunity.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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