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Getting to know your body through your vaginal discharge
There are a lot of female cleansing products on the market and often times men don’t quite understand why ladies need this much special care to their private area. The truth is aside from menstruation, ladies still experience regular discharge, and depending on the body constitution, there may additional hygiene issues that can easily lead to infection is not properly managed. Normally, the volume of vaginal discharge should not be too heavy, and the discharge should be transparent, odourless, not sticky, and increased volume before menstruation is normal. Try to pay attention to these minor symptoms in our body to better understand what might be happening to it.

Phlegm and dampness or yang deficiency: High volume, transparent, odourless, thin and constant discharge.
QI deficiency: High or low volume, white or pale yellow, slight odor, sticky and thick, constant discharge
Damp heat: High volume, white or yellowish, heavy odor, sticky and thick or clumpy discharge
Yin deficiency: Low volume, brownish red and white, slight odor, sticky discharge

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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