April 11, 2018

【廚餘是寶】 阿媽教落食得唔好嘥?




做法:粟米鬚、鮮茅根洗淨,切段。鍋內加入1000毫升水,武火煮至水滾即可飲用 。

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Precious Corn

If we want to find an ingredient that has highest utilization, that would be corn! Corn is mild in nature with a light sweetness in taste. It is beneficial to the lungs, calms the mind, strengthens the spleen to stimulate appetite, and is good for the brain. Aside from the corn itself, the core, silk and husk can all be consumed. Next time after you’ve eaten your corn, take the silk and husk to make a heat relieving tea with carrots, which is suitable for both adults and kids. The core can be used in soup. Use the most of your corn to get all the nutrients from it!

Corn: Strengthens the spleen to stimulate appetite, healthy for the mind and can lower cholesterol
Corn husk:clears heat and detoxifies
Corn silk: clears heat and promotes duresis, lowers blood sugar
Corn core: promotes duresis, relieves stagnation and dispels dampness

Corn silk can be used to make a healthy tea-
Fresh Chine tea with corn silk
1-2 tael corn silk, 1 fresh chine
Preparation: rinse chine and corn silk and cut into pieces. Combine with 1000ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling.
Effects: clears heat, dispels dampness and promotes duresis. Alleviates difficulty to urinate and edema.
Note: not suitable for those with frequent urination or night urination.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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