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1. 慢慢轉身雙腳落床踏地,讓血液流向腳板底。
2. 坐下來,伸直抽筋的下肢,用雙手拉住腳掌,慢慢向身體方向拉扯,保持膝關節伸直。
3. 按壓承筋穴,位於小腳肚的隆起處,膝蓋後方橫紋往下三指橫寬處,促進血液循環,紓緩痛楚。

Why are pregnant women prone to leg cramps?
A lot of pregnant ladies have experienced leg cramps especially on winter nights and it leads to bad sleep and pain. As your weight increases during pregnancy, the burden on our legs increase and liver blood is insufficient as it is used to supply to the baby. Chinese medicine theory says that liver corresponds to tendons. Leg cramps happen when there is insufficient liver blood and the blood cannot nourish the tendons leading to the interruptions of transport between blood vessels and tendons. This happens more when the legs are cold too.
For pregnant ladies who often experience leg cramps, be sure to drink more water to replenish fluids in the body. Avoid getting cold air blown directly on the legs during sleep and try to wear long pants to sleep. When you are experiencing leg cramps, try the below emergency relieve methods:
1. Turn your body slowly and plant both feet on the floor to allow blood to flow to the bottom of feet
2. Sit down and straighten your legs that are cramp, use both hands and pull on palm of your feet. Keep your knees straight and pull towards your body gently.
3. Press on your Cheng Jin acupoint which is located about 3 finger widths below the crease behind your knees where your calves bulge out. This can promote blood circulation and relieve pain.

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