May 15, 2019

【運動養生】越來越多Weekend Runner




– 早上運動比晚上運動更佳
– 夏季宜戶外運動,冬季宜室內運動
– 分期運動,持之以恆,每天30分鐘運動比一星期一次的兩小時運動效果更好
– – 循序漸進,著重自我進步,不要與他人比較
– 運動要配合年齡,年輕時可選擇較劇烈的運動,年長時宜選擇太極、八段錦等不傷膝的運動

Weekend runners need to find the right balance
I recently started exercising on weekends for health, but I found that my knees hurt after running. I am also exhausted days after I have played badminton. Am I doing something wrong?

Exercising for health is a good thing but be sure to pay attention to the intensity and frequency. Chinese medicine promotes balance. If you do not exercise at all on weekdays then overdo it on weekends, it could be damaging to your health. You may experience lower back soreness and pain, strain your muscles and tendons and even affect your mental state at work. We would suggest you try to even out your exercises and do it every 2-3 days for about half an hour each time. If you feel very tired the day after your exercise, you may have overworked yourself and it is best to rest for a day and resume the day after. Healthy exercising should not lead to you feeling completely exhausted. Be sure to stretch and warm up before you exercise to avoid injuries.

Chinese medicine healthy living tips on sports:
– Morning exercise is better than evening exercise.
– Do outdoor sports in summer and indoor sports in winter.
– Exercise regularly. 30 minutes per day is better than 2 hours of exercise once a week.
– Step by step, focus on self-progress, do not compare to others.
– Exercises should be matched with age. When you are young, you can choose high-intensity exercise. When you are older, you should choose exercise that will not hurt your knees such as Tai Chi, Eight-sectioned exercise.

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