October 23, 2022

#24節氣 – 霜降】





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This solar term is when dew condenses into frost and drop down. As the last solar term of autumn, the weather is not yet cold in southern climate, but it has slowly cooled down in the mornings and evenings. Due to the influence of autumn dryness, the body is dry, and symptoms such as peeling of the lips or itching of the skin are more common. At this time, it is necessary to moisten the lungs.
There’s a saying, ‘better to replenish for frost’s descent than for winter’. It is better to build a good foundation during frost’s descent, and it is easier to further adjust body conditions by eating nourishing foods in winter. There’s a saying in Chinese Medicine, “the spleen and stomach provide the material basis of the acquired constitution”. As long as you maintain a health stomach and spleen, your diet and nutrients will be absorbed well. To strengthen your spleen and stomach, diet should be light. Appropriately consume coarse grains such as millet, sweet potato, and potato. Rest and eat regularly. Do not overeat. Daily rice water can strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Healthy living during Frost’s Descent Solar Term:
“Nourish yin and relieve dryness. Strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach”

Chinese yam: strengthens the spleen and nourishes the stomach, and moistens the lungs.
Lily bulb: clears the heart and relieve irritability, moistens the lungs to relieve coughing.
Black soya bean: replenishes kidney, strengthen spleen, promotes diuresis and lower qi.

Dusk rice water with Chinese yam and lily bulbs
Effects: strengthens the spleen and stomach, nourishes the kidneys and improves hair quality
Ingredients: 10g dried Chinese yam, 10g dried lily bulbs, 1 pack dusk rice water powder (or 30g fried black bean)
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients. Add 1000ml of water in the pot. Add all the ingredients and cook on high heat until boiling. Then turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

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