May 21, 2018

#24節氣 – 小滿】是日小滿




Grain Full Solar Term

Grain Full has arrived and the temperature has risen to summer heat. The humidity has also increased so it is more suitable for have lighter meals avoid warm and hot natured and fried and oily foods to prevent heat increase in the body. For those who are working in air conditioned places, beware of the temperature change from indoor to outdoor. It’s best to bring a thin jacket along to the office. Avoid foods that will increase dampness in the body such as milk, milk tea, cheese and fish maw. Nourish your spleen and stomach, remember to dispel dampness. Aside from food intake, you can also dispel dampness by exercising and sweating appropriately. When the humidity is high, be sure to turn on the humidifier to reduce external dampness attack.

Gentle reminders:
– Have lighter meals and foods that can clear heat and dispel dampness
– Have a fresh coconut replenish fluids after exercising
– Don’t sleep in, wake up in the morning and move around
– Cut down on your milk tea and drink a cup of rice water instead
– Add red bean into your rice water to nourish your heart and spleen
– Turn on the dehumidifier, reduce external dampness attack

[√] Rice water, bitter melon, coix seeds, winter melon, tomatoes, black fungus, Chinese yam [√] Strengthen the spleen and stomach | Sleep and wake up early | Monitor your moods as it may be affected by the heat
[X] Cold/raw foods, spicy, fried and oily foods

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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