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蟲草花 — 性平,有補肺腎、益虛損的功效,更可潤肌護膚及抗衰老,適合各種體質人士。

1. 所有材料洗淨。
2. 準備燉盅,放入所有材料,注入清水至八成滿,將燉盅放入鍋中,鍋中注水至燉盅1/3高度,武火煮至水滾,調文火燉3小時,最後下鹽調味即可。

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清熱 — 椰青蜆肉湯
祛濕 — 佛手瓜鱆魚湯
減壓 — 五指毛桃烏雞湯
瘦身 — 海帶瑤柱湯
滋潤 — 黃耳百合湯

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Where there’s soup, that’s home
Making soup for just one person

Many people consider it a blessing to live with family and share big pots of soup together. Nevertheless, we can still make soup for ourselves even when we are living alone. With a change of method of preparation, bachelors and bachelorettes can still enjoy making soup for just one.

First, we can opt for soups that can be prepared in a double boiler; secondly, we can make soup for 3 – 4 persons, then pack the extra into packets accordingly and freeze them. We can easily heat it up when we want to drink, but we should not keep them for an extended period in the freezer.

Tip on the ingredients:
Cordyceps flower – mild in nature, can nourish the lungs and kidneys and strengthen areas of weakness. It also moistens and protects skin and has anti-aging effects. Cordyceps flower is suitable for all body types.

Cordyceps flower and Chinese yam double-boiled soup with wolfberry
Effects: Replenishes qi and nourishes the blood. Relieves poor sleep quality, pale complexion and forgetfulness.
Ingredients: 15g cordyceps flower, 12g maitake mushroom, 9g lily bulb, 9g Chinese yam, 9g wolfberry, 9g dried longan
1. Rinse all ingredients thoroughly.
2. Prepare a double boiler. Put all ingredients into the double boiler. Add water to 80% full. Put the double boiler into the pot. Fill the pot with water to 1/3 height of the stew pot. Cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 3 hour. Add salt to taste.

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Clear Heat – Coconut Water and Clam Soup
Dispel Dampness – Chayote and Dried Octopus Soup
De-stress – Hairy Fig Root and Black Bone Chicken Soup
Slim Down – Kelp and Dried Scallop Soup
Moisten – Yellow Fungus and Lily Bulb Soup

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