June 15, 2020


⭐️ 減壓是都市人必學的一大課題
⭐️ 很多身體不適原來由壓力引起




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Keep your stress index in check 
Stress has become a common problem among urbanites. In addition to the demands from managers and superiors, stress sometimes comes from within oneself, and related to personality. Everyone is used to a busy lifestyle that is face paced often includes multi-tasking, or perfectionism, high self-demand, wanting to do everything by yourself, stubborn persistency. As a result, you may put pressure on yourself without realizing it. How do you know if you are troubled by stress? In fact, stress is reflected with symptoms. Check if you have experienced the following symptoms within the last month?
☐ Depressed mood
☐ Often sighing unconsciously
☐ Unconsciously dry coughing, as if something is stuck in the throat
☐ Frequent hiccup or fart
☐ Headache, especially pain on both sides
☐ Abdominal and chest pain and bloating, and when the mental stress is high, the pain attacks or worsens
☐ Difficulty passing stool, sometimes constipation, sometimes loose stools
☐ Difficulty falling asleep or frequently dreaming
☐ For ladies, breast pain before menstruation, some men have testicular pain, or chest pain

If you have 0-2 of above symptoms, your stress index is still within the load range, continue to work hard to maintain physical and mental health.
If you have 3-5 of the above symptoms, the accumulation of stress has caused physical discomfort, pay attention to the liver and relieve depression in the diet to relieve the discomfort.
If you have 6-9 of above symptoms, it is a sign that the accumulation of stress has reached a critical point, it is recommended to decompress soon, and if necessary, seek help from a professional.

The purpose of taking a break is to go further. Relieving stress at the right time can help maintain physical and mental health. When stress causes uncomfortable symptoms, find a way to vent your emotions. You can also eat ingredients that can regulate qi, such as white radish, dried citrus peel, or drink floral tea made from roses, chamomile, Chinese rose, and fingered citron flower to relieve mental stress and restore the health of the body.

✔ Recommendation: Dragon fruit rose tea
Ingredients: water, dragon fruit juice, rock sugar, honey, rose, lemon juice concentrate, oolong tea
Effects: loosens bowel to relieve constipation, relieves stress, aids digestion and burns fat. Suitable for those with difficult passing stool, stress, frequent sigh and dull complexion.
Note: not suitable for menstruating women, but can have this tea before period. Not suitable for pregnant women.
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