February 25, 2018

【孕前準備】 有一種小確幸叫每天帶著私伙茶療傍身。

#星期一Blue Monday


做法: 米以好鍋炒香至金黃色,倒進保溫瓶內,加入其他材料沸水焗15分鐘即可。

People with Pale Complexion have a hard time getting pregnant?
Some girls around you always have complexion and have strong aversion to cold. When they have raw or cold foods, they will likely experience menstrual pain as well due to a cold uterus condition. When ladies have aversion to cold, it’s actually their uterus that are afraid of the cold which leads to pale complexion, menstrual pain, and sometimes difficulty getting pregnant. For those who are trying to conceive, it is important to keep your uterus warm. Avoid eating cold and raw foods and keep your abdominal area warm and be sure not to wear anything midriff-bearing clothes. Try tea remedies to keep your body warm and bring a thermos with you so you always have something warm to drink and nourish your qi and blood!
Fried rice water with rose and ginger
Ingredients: 2 tablespoons white rice, 3 seedless red dates, 4 roses, 2 slices of ginger, brown sugar to taste
Preparation: Fry white rice until golden yellow and pour into thermos with all other ingredients and steep for 15 minutes
Effects: Warms your essence and dispels cold. Alleviates asthenic cold type menstrual pain, cold limbs, and pale complexion. Not suitable for those with heat-related symptoms.

Vitantonio – Hong Kong Official

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