January 12, 2019





How to let your mind really rest

Working from Monday to Friday can really exhaust the mind, so some of you decide to sleep through the weekend, but somehow find yourself still very tired but Monday. This could be due to our resting method being wrong.

Sleep is indeed the most effective way to rest. People have energy to work with adequate rest so it is effective for those who are sleep deprived. But some of us just over use the brain during the week and sleeping more on the weekend can make it worse.

To let your mind truly rest, try doing something you do not normally do such as swimming, yoga, drawing, hiking, listen to music, play chess, etc. The goal is let your mind do something it does not normally do and let the usual working parts rest.

If you can’t seem to kick the feeling of being tired, try to find something new to do or try a new skill to challenge yourself. This might just feel surprisingly refreshing!

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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