April 30, 2018



經常有人問:「有朋友剛生完BB,應該買甚麼給她補一補?」 。很多人誤以為產後的調理就是「補」,其實沒有根據體質胡亂進補,容易弄巧反拙。如果你不清楚朋友的體質需要,其實最溫和的方法,就是喝米水健脾胃。在中醫角度,「脾胃為後天之本」,產後尤其需要健脾胃,才能吸收食材中的營養,有助母乳生成及身體復原。趁著坐月期間好好調理身體,身體可以比以往更健康!

CheckCheckCin徇眾要求,推出坐月套裝:包括朝、夕米水各1盒、炒米水3盒及紅豆米水3盒,貼合產婦需要,溫和調理身體。建議產後一天一包朝 / 夕米水,及一包炒 / 紅豆米水。(原價 $663 ,套裝九折優惠價 $597)

朝米水- (1盒,內附15包)屬性平和,任何時候均可服用,健脾養胃,有助身體復元。
夕米水- (1盒,內附15包)屬性平和,健脾胃、潤腸通便、烏髮。
炒米水- (3盒,每盒5包)屬性偏溫,驅寒保暖,舒緩手腳冰冷、怕冷等症狀。惟有暗瘡、大便偏乾、喉嚨痛等症狀不宜飲用。

People often ask what is a good healthy gift for a friend who just gave birth, and most mistaken that tonic foods would be best. But replenishing without understanding the person’s body constitution may have the opposite effects. So if you don’t know your friend’s body well, the best gift for recovery would be have the mild natured rice water to strengthen te spleen and stomach. Chinese medicine believes the spleen the essential to health, and that is especially important after giving birth. When the spleen and stomach has properly recovered, the body can absorb necessary nutrients which is important for breast milk production and overall recovery process. Use the confinement month to take care of your body and become healthier than before the pregnancy!
As requested by many, CheckCheckCin is launching a confinement month gift set which includes 1 box of dawn rice water, 1 box of dusk rice water, 3 boxes of fried rice water, and 3 boxes of red bean rice water.

Suggested quantity: 1 pack of dawn or dusk rice water and a pack of fried or red bean rice water daily. (Originally $663, now discounted at $597)

Dawn rice water- mild in nature. Suitable anytime, strengthens the spleen and nourishes the stomach and aids in body recovery.

Dusk rice water- mild in nature. Strengthens the spleen and stomach, moistens the bowels to relieve constipation, improves hair quality.

Fried rice water- warm in nature. Dispels cold to keep warm. Alleviates symptoms of cold limbs and aversion to cold. Note that it is not suitable for those with acne, dry stool, and sore throat.

Red bean rice water- warm in nature. Nourishes blood and calms the mind. Suitable for pale complexion and poor sleep quality.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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