April 30, 2018



氣血虛弱:紅豆米水(紅米2湯匙、紅豆1湯匙、生薏米半湯匙,煮30分鐘 )

• 做適量運動,有助舒緩壓力
• 選擇低鹽低脂的食材
• 可視乎導致高血壓原因而進食以下食物。
¬ 陽偏盛:粉葛、菊花、綠豆等
¬ 陰虛:花旗參、無花果、蜂蜜等
¬ 氣血虛弱:米水、蕃薯、紅棗等

• 少吃油膩、濃味及刺激性食材
• 戒煙酒
• 不適宜過份進補,進食溫補食材如人參、當歸、鹿茸
• 控制情緒,減少動氣

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Say goodbye to high blood pressure
High blood pressure itself is not a disease but it’s a result of an illness. To fix the issue requires finding the cause and understanding the body constitution. From a Chinese medicine perspective, high blood pressure is caused by imbalance of yin and yang. Constant stress leads to overactive yang, and usually accompanied by reoccurring headaches, insomnia, irritability, and anxiety. Prolonged poor sleep or late nights can lead to yin deficiency, and usually accompanied by headaches, dizziness, titinitus, night sweat, hot palms, and lower back pain. Those who are always sick or have innately asthenic qi and blood may also have high blood pressure and would be accompanied by dizziness, light headedness, and pale complexion. To improve high blood pressure, it is important to improve poor lifestyle and dietary habits and treat accordingly.

Overactive yang: common self-heal plant tea (cut up 10g of common self heal plant and steep for 10 minutes)
Yin deficiency: chrysanthemum tea with ophiopogon tuber (4-5 chrysanthemums, 9g ophiopogon tuber and steep for 10 minutes)
Asthenic blood and qi: red bean rice water (2 tablespoon red rice, 1 tablespoon red beans, 1/2 tablespoon coix seeds, cook for 30 minutes)

Tips to alleviate high blood pressure:
– exercise appropriately to relieve stress
– choose low sodium low fat foods
– choose foods according to causes of high blood pressure
– overactive yang- kudzu root, chrysanthemum, mung beans
– yin deficiency: American ginseng, figs, honey
– asthenic blood and qi: rice water, sweet potatoes, chinese red dates
– have less oily, heavy flavored and stimulating foods
– quit smoking and drinking
– don’t have too much tonic foods
– control your emotions

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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