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腹瀉大家應該都經歷過,除了誤吃不潔食物那種急性腹瀉(伴隨症狀為排便常有腹鳴、腸絞痛,一般兩三天會痊癒),亦有人受著慢性腹瀉之苦,長期症狀為食少腹脹、大便稀爛不成形、飯吃到一半已經要衝廁所、吃一頓瀉一次等。雖然並非大病,但排便頻密程度影響生活,更影響心情。從中醫角度來看,脾虛、腸胃濕熱、腎虛、肝鬱都會導致腹瀉,當中以脾虛腹瀉比較多見,脾主運化,負責運送和消化營養,脾虛的話令消化吸收功能下降,以致大便稀溏,尤其進食生冷、油膩食物後腹瀉情況更嚴重。 想改善慢性腹瀉問題,除了諮詢中醫師對症下藥,亦需時調理身體,針對「脾喜燥惡濕,喜溫惡寒」的特性,日常應飲食定時,避免生冷、煎炸油膩、重口味食物,避免進食助濕食物如糯米、肥肉、棗類、牛奶、芒果、荔枝、南瓜等,多進食淮山、白扁豆、薏米等健脾食材,每日飲用具健脾利濕功效的米水,改善脾虛情況。假如你大吃大喝後就會出現腹瀉,大便稀爛或質地黏笠又特別臭,去完肛門會有種「火燒後欄」的灼熱感,可以試試以下的茶療。


Chronic diarrhea can be quite a nuisance
Everyone has experienced diarrhea before, aside from acute onset of diarrhea caused by hygiene issues (usually accompanied by abdominal gurgling, stomach pain and usually heals in 2-3 days), some people suffer from chronic diarrhea. These people experience abdominal bloating after eating a little, loose stool, having to rush to the bathroom midway through a meal, have diarrhea after each meal. Although it is not any major illness, the frequency of bowel movement can have an effect on life and mood. From Chinese medicine perspective, diarrhea is caused by asthenic spleen, damp heat in the stomach and intestines, asthenic kidney, and stagnated liver. Asthenic spleen caused diarrhea is most frequently seen. The spleen transports and digests nutrients, those with asthenic spleen will have lowered digestive functions leading to loose stool. This is especially worse for those who frequently consume cold/raw foods and oily foods. If you want to resolve issues with chronic diarrhea, aside from consulting with Chinese medicine practitioner, you also need to take time to condition your body. You should have meals regularly, avoid cold/raw, fried and oily foods, and heavy flavoured dishes. Avoid ingredients that aid dampness such as glutinous rice, fatty meats, dates, milk, mango, lychee, and pumpkin. Have more Chinese yam, hyacinth bean and coix seeds to strengthen the spleen. Have a cup of rice water daily to strengthen the spleen and dispel dampness to improve the asthenic spleen condition. If you experience diarrhea after a heavy meal, have loose or sticky stool that is especially smelly, have a feeling of burning anus, you can try the below healing tea.
Lotus leaf tea with smilax
Effects: clears heat and relieves diarrhea, alleviates damp heat related diarrhea
Ingredients: 12g smilax, 9g lotus leaves
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly, shred smilax and lotus leaves. Combine all ingredients with 800ml of water and cook on heat until boiling. Simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. Pour all contents into thermos. This tea can be re-brewed until its flavour weakens. For best results, drink for 2-3 days per week for a 2-week treatment course.

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