February 4, 2018




1. 繁花綻放,有過敏症狀人士要小心花粉症,口罩傍身最安全。
2. 早睡早起,別熬夜煲劇了。
3. 飲食宜清淡,忌食生冷油膩食物。
4. 在公司泡一杯玫瑰花蜂蜜茶,令心情愉快

Start of Spring Solar Term
As we change from winter to spring, it feels both warm and cool at times, but today actually marks the start of spring! But don’t be too quick to put on your thin layers of spring clothes and put away your winter jackets as it’s still important to keep warm. During spring, try to reduce the amount of tonic food but you can have some stimulating foods such as spring onion, cilantro, onion, bean sprouts, chives and tong ho. Start of spring is the first solar term of the year and it signifies the arrival of spring! The weather is not stable so it is important to watch out for your health. Try to make dumplings with spinach or chives to replenish your yang qi. No matter what your body constitution is, try to maintain the habit of having a daily cup of rice water. With a healthy spleen and stomach, your body will not retain dampness. It’s a simple way to stay healthy!

Gentle reminders:
1- As plants blossom, those prone to allergies need to watch out for pollen allergy and bring a face mask out with you.
2- Sleep and wake up early, don’t stay up binge watching shows.
3- Have lighter foods and avoid cold/raw or oily things.
4- Make a cup of rose and honey tea to keep a happy mood.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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