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– 進食清淡而富營養的食物,以蒸、煮、燉為主,讓脾胃更容易吸收。
– 避免生冷飲食,以免引寒進體內而出現各種痛症或不適。
– 產後可即開始暖或熱飲米水調養脾胃,有助身體復原,虛寒體質產婦可飲用炒米水。
– 產後如出現腳踝水腫,可以試試水腫腫茶療:茯苓9克、白术6克、扁豆衣6克、陳皮9克
– 生化湯雖有助子宮收縮排出惡露,惟採用剖腹生產、已經把惡露排得較乾淨的產婦不宜多飲,按各人身體狀況而定,建議先諮詢中醫師較穩妥。
– 虛寒體質產婦於十二朝後可食用豬腳薑,但體質偏熱的產婦則少吃為妙。


When should you nourish your body after giving birth?

The confinement month focuses on proper nourishment in traditional way. Whether it was caesarean or vaginal delivery, the recovery diet plan is comprised of replenishing dishes such as ginger rice and fried rice water to nourish the body. Chinese medicine theory believes that the post-natal body constitution tend to have more asthenic symptoms and more blood stasis, mostly due to massive bleeding during childbirth, resulting in both qi and blood deficiency. It may also be due to insufficient qi and poor blood circulation then leads to blood stasis, or blood stagnation caused by child birth. It is not as simple as buying a 30-day confinement month package, but instead you should nourish your body according to your body condition. Some of you may wonder why you need to hire an expensive confinement lady for simple conditions. In fact, professional confinement lady will provide the proper suggestions and cook meals that can aid recovery and help to increase breast milk, and ensure mother and newborn are properly taken care of.

Focus during confinement month: light diet, clearing the lochia
Diet tips:
– Eat light and nutritious foods – mainly steamed, boiled and stewed to ensure the spleen and stomach can easily absorb the nutrients.
– Avoid eating cold/raw foods, to avoid pain or discomfort caused by invasion of cold.
– After child birth, you can start drinking warm or hot rice water to nourish the spleen and stomach, help the body to recover, and those with cold body condition can drink fried rice water.
– If there is ankle edema after delivery, you can try edema healing tea: 9g poria, 6g atractylodes rhizome, 6g hyacinth bean coat, 9g dried citrus peel 
– Although Sheng Hua Tang can help to shrink the uterus and discharge lochia, it is not suitable for women who had caesarean delivery or have already clear most lochia. Otherwise, the lochia will increase. It is recommended to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner first.
– Those with asthenic and cold body condition can eat pork knuckle and ginger stew after 12 days of birth, but those with heat-related body condition should eat less.
– You can add appropriate amount of ingredients that can promote qi and blood such as Chinese red dates, condonopsifis rodix, and pseudostellaria root according to your body condition.

Note that those who had caesarean delivery and the wound has not completely recover should not eat ginger or fish that is intended to help with wound recovery.

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