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1/ 定時請朋友檢查

2/ 衛生巾陣法

3/ 穿防漏內褲

4/ 胎兒式睡姿

5/ 床單上放防水墊

6/ 掀起裙子才坐下

Tips to prevent leakage
Menstruating ladies seem like they are at war. They may be unable to do anything with a bad mood, and the physical discomfort can be overwhelming, and there is also the most terrible potential – leakage! In the days when the blood volume is high, you wake up with your heavy head and look at the bed, the terrible menstrual blood leaks make the sheets look like the red sea. It is very tiring to change and wash the sheets that have been just washed in the early morning. The most embarrassing is blood leaks on your pants or skirts when you are out! Most girls probably has encountered such a terrible thing before! Over the course of time, you may have your own magical methods to prevent the blood leaks. Have you used the following methods? Let’s also share your tricks! 

1/ Ask your friend to check
A friend in need is a friend indeed. When wearing a light colour school skirt, you are worried about leakage. At that moment, every time you walk a few steps, you can’t help but ask your friend to check if there is any leakage. If your friends are not tired of it and answer all your questions, you really have to cherish this good friend!

2/ Sanitary napkin placement 
When you are menstruating with high blood volume, you have to be prepared! It is obvious that you would have used a long-sized sanitary napkin but still worry about it. So many ladies double up and stick the napkin in front and on the back for each, and sometimes feel more relieved that stick to the waist with full protection! For those who use tampon, it is safe to add sanitary napkin as a backup.

3/ Wear leak-proof underwear
The leak-proof underwear has a layer of anti-leakage plastic design to prevent leakage. However, the plastic is airtight. Remember to wear it only during the menstrual period. It is better to wear pure cotton underwear when not menstruating! Now there is more comfortable options that using overnight sanitary pants when sleeping. 

4/ Fetal sleeping position
Some ladies will lie on their bellies all night to avoid leakage, but that can create pressure on the uterus! Slightly crouching while sleeping, curling like a baby can prevent leakage as well as relieve menstrual pain. 

5/ Put waterproof pad on the sheet
Although various preventive measures were taken, some ladies toss and turn all night when sleeping. A waterproof pad which is convenient and easy to wash is perfect to them.

6/ Pick up the skirt and sit down
Remember when you were in school, some girls just pick up their skirt and sat down? Then they only on the underwear and chair. They do not worry about staining the school skirt, but it was necessary to wait for all the students to leave the classroom then clean the chair.

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