December 6, 2017



1. 建議食療:沙參、玉竹、天冬、石斛、枸杞子、黑木耳、黑芝麻、黑豆等。
2. 盡量早睡早起,減少捱夜;熬夜後可喝一杯菊花麥冬茶。
3. 睡前泡個溫水足浴,讓身體暖和有助入眠。
4. 流感高峰期應要戒口,少吃生冷和寒性食物,每天飲米水健脾胃強身防病!


Major Snow Solar Term
Today marks the third winter solar term, Major Snow, and it signifies wintery cold. The temperature will continue to cool down so it is important to stay warm to prevent flus and respiratory infections. A lot of people say winter is a good time to replenish and have tonic foods, but it is important to eat according to your body constitution. Replenishing should focus on nourishing yin. For those with weak spleen and stomach, have a cup of rice water daily. Healthy spleen and stomach helps to strengthen the body and immune system, and is a great way to stay healthy throughout all four seasons!
Gentle reminders:
1. Suggested foods: Glehnia Root, Polygonatum odoratum, asparagus tuber, wolfberries, black fungus, black sesame, and black beans.
2. Try to sleep and wake up early and reduce late nights. After a late night, have a cup of chrysanthemum tea with radix ophiopogonis.
3. Soak your feet in warm water before bed time to help warm up your body and fall asleep.
4. During flu season, watch what you eat and avoid cold/raw and cold-natured foods. Have a cup of rice water daily to strengthen the spleen and stomach to strengthen your body and immune system.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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