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「沒有原因,我就是討厭它!」有研究指出小朋友挑食有部份是受先天影響,與遺傳有關,你想想自己是否屬於不喜歡嘗試新食物的人?或者你的挑食習慣其實數目也不少?正所謂孩子就是父母的鏡子⋯⋯ 唯有和小孩一起努力,以愉快心情享受用餐時光,情況會慢慢好轉吧!

Troublesome picky eaters

Picky eaters can be troubling to parents. There are many reasons for being picky from taste to shape to texture. If the pickiness is bad, every meal would be a struggle to get creative with food just to get them to eat more.

– light picky eaters
They just dislike a few certain things they don’t like usually are bitter melon, green pepper, and peas type of grassy flavor food. This is common and does not necessarily affect health. You can wait until your child is older to try the ingredients again with different cooking method.

– picky on texture
Food may change in texture and the children become picky with it. For example, they may eat French fries but refuse boiled potatoes or potato soup; eat fried egg but not scrambled or boiled egg. This might be inconvenient for parents but as long as you know the pattern, then you can still get them to eat the right food.

– picky eaters with no reason
Some studies tell us children picky eating might be innate and hereditary. Are you also the type who do not like to try new food? Or you are also quite picky yourself with food? Children are a reflection of parents so try to work with your child and enjoy meals together happily to try to improve the condition.

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