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蘆薈 — 性寒,清熱通便的作用,適合熱結便秘者食用。脾胃虛寒者、容易腹瀉不宜多吃,月經期間、孕婦不宜進食。
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Sunburnt? Aloe vera to the rescue!
While some people would hide away from the sun, some would chase the sun to get a tan! It is easy to be sunburnt in summer, and our skin will peel and flake off easily if it is not hydrated. Eventually, you will lose the tan you worked hard for.

Other than soaking ourselves in water to reduce the body temperature, many would think of using aloe vera to keep our skin hydrated and prevent it from peeling. An aloe vera looks like a cactus, bluish green on the outside but transparent on the inside. The transparent gel contains a high amount of water, which helps relieve the burnt skin, soothe inflammation and hydrate the skin.

If you wish to apply the sliced aloe vera on skin, please watch out for its bluish green outer layer and the yellow liquid, because they can cause irritation. Avoid applying them on skin, as it might aggravate the situation. Put on a pair of gloves, dip them into the water for 10 minutes to clear off the yellow liquid, slice off the green outer layer to single out the transparent gel. You can either blend it first, or apply the layer directly on our skin. It is also advisable to test the gel on our arm for allergic reactions.

Will it help if we consume aloe vera internally? From Chinese medicine’s perspective, aloe vera is cold in nature, can dissipate heat and has a laxative effect, hence it is suitable for individuals with constipation problem and heat related body conditions. But beware, it can cause diarrhoea. Women who are pregnant and going through the menstrual period should avoid eating aloe vera.

Aloe vera – cold in nature; can clear heat and relieves constipation. Suitable for heat stagnation constipation. Those with asthenic spleen and stomach, or those are prone to stomache and diarrhea should eat less. Pregnant women and women going through the menstrual period should also avoid eating aloe vera.

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