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泰式按摩 — 從古印度傳入泰國的按摩手法,以活動關節為主,較為大動作。
草球按摩 — 源自泰國,用軟布包著香料及草藥,把草球蒸熱後進行熱敷按摩。
熱石按摩 — 將溫熱的石頭放在身上,配合精油按摩,將熱力傳遍全身。
香薰按摩 — 加入香薰精油進行按摩,讓精油滲入皮膚之中,按摩時充斥著香薰味道。
滴油按摩 — 源自印度,用特製器皿盛載溫熱的印度油,慢慢滴在額頭上,配合冥想達致身心淨化效果。
四手/六手按摩 — 雙倍甚至三倍的按摩享受(收費同時以倍數上),同一時間由頭按到腳。

A look at different types of massages
If you want to get a massage, it is not hard to find a massage parlour in Hong Kong. First you choose the shop, then there are many different types of massages to choose from. Basic massage is done by hand, but some types of massage will also utilize different tools. Which is the style of your choice?
Thai massage- originated in ancient India, mainly focuses on movement of the joints with large motions
Herbal compress- from Thailand, wrapping herbs and spices in a cloth ball, hot compressing the steamed cloth ball onto the body
Hot stone massage- place warm stones on the body, coupled with oil massage, spreading the heat throughout the body
Aromatherapy massage- using oils that contain essential oils to massage the body, allowing the oils to seep into the skin and fill the aroma in the room
Sirodhara- originated from India, using a specific pot to hold warmed Indian oil, and slowly dripping the oil onto the forehead, coupled with meditation to achieve cleansing of mind and body
Four-handed/six-handed massage- can be double or triple in enjoyment of massage (but also increases in price accordingly), massaging from head to toe simultaneously
Massage by children or grandchildren- the most enjoyable type of massage, strength may be weaker and time may be shorter.

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