December 29, 2017




第一步:Download CheckCheckCin App ﹣Check清楚自己及家人的體質,就可以簡單以飲食養生,防病於未然!(暫時只有ios版)





There are just two days left in 2017, whatever you didn’t accomplish this year, push yourself harder towards them in 2018! Did you get sick or have health issues this year? Hope you can work harder to CheckCheckCin in 2018.

Step One: Download CheckCheckCin App- know yours and your family’s body to start eating healthy to prevent illness.

Step Two: Eat according to your body constitution using the food suggestions in the app and follow our recommendation in the “Chinese Healing Soup” series.

Step Three: CheckCheckCin everyday- pay attention to our Facebook sharing to learn more about healthy living so you won’t make mistakes without even knowing to hurt your body.

Step Four: always check first- during your 9 plus hours at work, buy yourself a drink or make a tea according to your body and symptoms. Work for your health while you work.

Step Five: have a cup of rice water daily. Conditioning your spleen and stomach doesn’t happen over night. In 2018, avoid cold and raw foods and drink rice water daily.

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© 2024 CheckCheckCin Limited. All rights reserved.
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