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Prevent wind pathogen in unpredictable weather
Wind pathogen is one of the causes of illnesses from chinese medicine perspective. Wind pathogen causes illness abruptly and is very variable. It mostly invades skin, and there are three major characteristics of wind pathogen. First of all, there are usually no fixed affected parts, for example it can lead to blotchy rash or rheumatoid arthritis. Secondly, as wind moves, wind pathogen will cause symptoms such as trembling and cramps, such as stroke. Thirdly, wind pathogen mostly affects the skin and upper part of the body, causing headache, cough, nasal sensitivity, facial paralysis and so on.
If you want to prevent the invasion of wind pathogen, you must keep warm during unpredictable weather. For example, you should wear a coat to keep warm after waking up. You should wear more clothes when you enter the air-conditioned shopping mall or office in the hot summer. You should not immediately have a cool show after doing exercise. Avoid seats near the fan vent or air condition. You should keep your neck and back warm, as there are three acupoints points related to wind in Chinese- Feng Fu Point, Feng Chi Point and Feng Men Point. Wind pathogen easily invades the body along these points. Press these points to relieve the discomfort due to cold/flu.

Feng Fu Point
Position: junction of head and neck, the midline of the head and 1 inch behind the hairline
Effects: relieves cold/flu discomfort, sore throat, stiff neck

Feng Men Point
Position: 1.5 inches lateral to the posterior midline, on the level of the lower border of the spinous process of the 2nd thoracic vertebra, same level with superior Angle of scapula
Effects: relieves discomfort such as cold/flu, pneumonia, cough

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