January 17, 2018



黑米 VS紫米



Eat for your pitch black hair

Black rice vs purple rice
A head full of pitch black hair can really make you the spotlight of your wedding. But a lot of bride-to-be’s become so busy they forget to take care of their hair. From Chinese perspective, sufficient kidney qi can bring necessary nutrients to your scalp. Your hair then becomes darker and fuller with a healthy shine. To get hair like that, start with black color foods such as black beans, black sesame, black rice. They are full of nutrients and can replenish the kidneys and darken hair.

Black rice: mild in nature. Nourishes yin and replenishes the kidneys, strengthen qi and body. Improves early appearance of white hair, anemia, and sore lower back.

Purple rice: also known as purple glutinous rice and warm in nature. Healing effects are similar to glutinous rice and also viewed as ‘best of rice’. Replenishes qi and strengthens the spleen and stomach. Improves overall body weakness, excessive sweating and dizziness. Suitable for those with weak asthenic qi and blood, and those with yang deficient body constitution. Note that glutinous rice is more sticky and heavy in texture and can be difficult to digest. Although it can strengthen the spleen and stomach, it shouldn’t be over consumed. It is not suitable for those with weak asthenic spleen and stomach, those with eczema or difficulty with digestion. It is also not suitable for children or anyone who is sick.

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