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35- Golden Age for Ladies to Preserve
A lady’s age is a secret, and many begin to worry when faced with turning 30 and 35! Some start to seriously plan for their life, companionship, and career as they enter their 30s.
From Chinese medicine perspective, 35 is an important milestone as the stomach and intestine functions begin to deteriorate at 35 leading to yellowish complexion, elasticity loss, appearance of lines, hair loss. This coincides with Western medicine deeming pregnancies at aged 35 or above as high risk.
As ladies turn 35, it is time to seriously protect the Yang Ming meridian, which corresponds with the stomach. The stomach channel nourishes qi and blood, so a healthy stomach means healthy qi and blood. Diet is where one would start. Cold/raw foods and bean products can lead to abdominal bloating. Spicy, oily, acidic and stimulating food can decrease your stomach functions so it would be wise not to consume too much.
Rest appropriately and have lighter diet are both healthy for the stomach. It is also important to keep a calm mind as losing temper can affect flow of qi and blood. A lot of city ladies have high stress and are prone to abdominal bloating and acid reflux. Try have to rice water daily, or try the below healing tea to nourish the stomach.
Healing tea to nourish stomach (for one)
Effects: Relieve liver stagnation, nourish stomach and regulate stomach qi. Alleviate symptoms of chest tightness, abdominal bloating, increase in phlegm and acid reflux.
Ingredients: 12g hairy fig, 9g fingered citron, 1 dried citrus peel
Preparation: Rinse all ingredients thoroughly. Combine all with 800ml of water and cook on high heat until boiling. Turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

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