December 3, 2018




暖宮茶療 – 生薑紅糖炒米水
Have warm water when you turn 40?
How can you tell a ladies age? Perhaps from a cup of drink! People agree that younger girls like cold drinks and as they get older, they start to pay attention to their health and start to have warm or hot drinks. A lot of ladies may have ice cream occasionally then next day rush to have red dates water to compensate. Chinese medicine often stress to avoid cold drinks as it can hurt your spleen and stomach and increase cold dampness in the body leading to poor fluid transport functions of the digestive system. When fluids become stagnated in the body, it can lead to dampness and phlegm symptoms. As a simple analogy, the body is like the hot pot soup base, if you keep adding cold water to it, it is very difficult for the soup base to boil. If we always drink cold drinks, the body has to expend a lot of energy to bring the body temperature back to normal, hurting your yang qi in the process.
In reality, no matter your age, Chinese medicine would suggest to avoid cold drinks. Damaged yang qi leads to disruption of qi and blood flow, perhaps the smell belly that you can’t seem to get rid of. It can also lead to menstrual pain, edema, dark eye circles, and dull complexion. Whether you are 20 or 40, we suggest you stay far from cold drinks and take good care of your body.

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