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【男人檔案 — 新手胖爸爸】





Tips for those with phlegm and damp body type

[Male profile- Chubby new-dad]
Age: 38
Eating habits: loves to have sashimi, cold beer and prefers sweets
Physical characteristics: rounded body shape, loose muscles, muffin top on belly, excessive sweating, loose stools, sleepiness
Personality: gentle, reliable and patient

Thoughts: Our long-awaited baby is here! It is exciting and nerve wrecking to be a first-time dad. This cutie pie eat, sleep and poop every day keeping me and my wife very busy. She changes diapers, breastfeed and put baby to bed over and over again. I really want to help but I have no idea where to start. My wife laughs that I am not helpful and moving way too slowly.

EC’s analysis: this dad wants to be helpful and is always a neat too slow because he has the typical phlegm and damp body type! Poor eating habits results in insufficient qi. With the dampness in body, it can lead to loose muscles, excessive sweating, fatigue, unwillingness to move all day long. Therefore, the response of the father to the newborn baby with different needs all the time is behind the curve. Actually, he has strong will but lacking in strength.

EC’s suggestion: avoid cold/raw food, strengthen spleen and dispel dampness!
If you want to improve your slow response time, you should start with conditioning your body type. Have more meals throughout the day and eat less each time, avoid cold/raw foods and drinks, have a cup of rice water daily to strengthen spleen and dispel dampness. Try to have ingredients that help with strengthening spleen and dispelling dampness such as hyacinth bean, coix seed, Chinese yam and poria. Exercise appropriately to sweat. Massage the Zu San Li acupoint on your leg for 2-3 minutes daily. After removing excess dampness and moisture, your reaction time should become improve!

Tea remedy to improve fat burn and dispel dampness
Effects: nourishes qi and strengthens spleen, promotes diuresis and dispels dampness, relieves symptoms of fatigue.
Ingredients: a little amount of codonopsis root slices, 2 rolls of poria, 1 dried citrus peel
Preparation: rinse all ingredients thoroughly and place into thermos, rinse with hot water once. Then add in hot water again and steep for 15 minutes. You can re-brew until its flavor weakens. For best results, drink consecutively for 3-4 days a week.
Note: not suitable for those recovering from a cold/flu.

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