January 28, 2020




1. 換小一號的碗碟

2. 改變進食次序


4. 換非習慣手吃飯

5. 多咀嚼

6. 肚餓時先喝水

Six diet tips to lose weight
The secret to success in losing weight is perseverance! Adjusting diet and exercising are the only ways to lose weight. Diet is the most important factor for weight loss. As long as you pay attention to some dietary choices, you should see the weight come off. Let us give you some tips!

1. Use smaller bowls/plates
If you use large plates and small plates to place the same amount of food. The large plates look empty and seems like you might not get full, and the small plates look more satisfying. With this psychological effect, a small bowl or plate may reduce your appetite.

2. Change the order of eating
If you have a random order of eating, try to change the order of eating, first drink the soup, then eat more vegetables, and then eat the meat and rice, you will be full after having soup and vegetables and eat less meat and rice.

3. Eat noodles without soup
Avoid drinking soup when eating noodles, because even if you can not see the oil floating in the noodle soup, the thick soup actually hides a lot of fat. So drink less soup.Those prefer spicy can use chilli powder instead to replace chili oil.

4. Use the hand you seldom use when eating
Have you found that people who eat fast are more likely to gain weight? Because it takes time for the brain to let the body know you are full. If you eat too fast, you may have eaten too much by the time the brain issues a “full” command. If you are used to eating with your right hand then try eating with your left hand instead, it is a bit difficult, but the eating speed will be slowed down and the amount of food consumed will also decrease.

5. Chew more
Chew more for every bite. It turns out that it has many benefits for weight loss. It can increase saliva secretion. Digestive enzymes in saliva can make the stomach healthier. Chewing slowly can increase calorie consumption; and chewing more often can also prolong meal times to allow the body and head to receive full messages.

6. Drink water when you are hungry
Are you feeling hungry often? Drink a glass of water first, because sometimes we may be confused between the feeling of hunger and thirst.

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